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                                                      Therapeutic Touch®


Therapeutic Touch® (T.T.) is a modern version of several ancient healing practices, developed in the early 1970’s, by Dolores Krieger, Ph.D., Nurse Researcher,  and a particularly gifted and intuitive healer named Dora Kunz. Together they began investigating the healing powers of human energy, with a strong scientific approach that later included the use of some of Krieger’s nursing students at NYU, as subjects. Continued research forms the basis of this healing practice.


Therapeutic Touch is based on the theory that a human being is not only a physical body but also a complex pattern of energy which extends outside the body and flows around it, in a field. TT is based on the assumption that an imbalance in the energy field round the body can indicate an imbalance in the body. Therapeutic Touch practitioners learn to perceive differences in the field and, by using near or light touch, intention and compassion, they assist in re-balancing the energy field. Doing so helps restore energy to a state of wellness, on all levels. Therapeutic Touch affects the body in a variety of ways, including stimulating the relaxation response, reducing anxiety, boosting the immune system, accelerating wound healing and changing the perception of pain.

Therapeutic Touch is taught and practiced in many countries around the world.




























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