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 Therapeutic Touch®



                                                 Recognized Teacher in PTTNS:

-are Recognized Practitioners who meet the Network requirements to become Recognized Teacher:

-be a member of PTTNS in good standing

-to have been a Recognized Practitioner for 2 years

-studied with at least 2 Recognized Teachers

-submitted their curriculum to the Teacher/Practitioner Liaison.


                                        Recognized Practitioners in PTTNS


A member who meets Network requirements is qualified to give Therapeutic Touch® to the public

Requirements are:

-to be a member of PTTNS in good standing 

-repeat Foundations, Transpersonal, and Inner Processes courses in Therapeutic Touch with a Recognized TT Teacher

-complete required number of Therapeutic Touch sessions to be reviewed by a Recognized TT Teacher

-sign the Statement of Conduct and  Ethics

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