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Mindful Moments in Therapeutic Touch

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Experiencing a mindful moment…

Over the last few years, at our lake home,  I have created a fairy forest with statues, gems, rocks and chimes; a magical place for things I love - statues of a boy and a girl holding a dog and a cat;  various bird houses and feeders, a designated Fairy Forest, an Enchanted Forest with gnomes, mushrooms and teeny house statues. Another area with a laughing Buddha and oriental chimes near my T’ai Chi Chih circle. These areas were created for my grandchildren…& me to spend time in or explore. This year I placed a chair and an old table and a smaller peaceful statue of Buddha in a little alcove to the side of our property at the lake.I go there for alone time…a place to be in the quiet & still. Here…I become mindful by noticing my breathing - gently moving in and out of my body. This is a good place for me to notice my body and how it feels in this moment. I often choose to do some self care TT here.

When I took my first step into this little circle of trees I was met with a musky smell of the forest. It enveloped me and I welcomed it.Then it seemed…all at once, that I was covered by the love and protection of Mother Nature. Here,I felt safe and protected - away from the noisy, full world of people and things.

I took a deep breath and I slowly let it out. I continued to repeat this gentle in and out breathing, again and again until my body felt totally relaxed.

My shoes were off and I noticed the slightly moist and warm ground under my feet. This was a time to notice all of my senses. I zoned in on what I heard, what messages was I receiving from my energy field, what did I feel on my skin and how did my body feel inside, etc. There was no perception of time passing and I may have been sitting for a few minutes or longer…It was very pleasant.

I felt a ‘nudge’ and I slowly opened my ears to sounds. I heard bird’s chirping and waves washing up on the shore. I heard chimes tinkle and I began to hear far away sounds.

I remember that I felt a touch of a breeze on my cheek. It was ever so slight and reassuring.

Eventually, I opened my eyes ever so slightly and started to notice a little light and some shadows then some colours and shapes around me.

I stirred a bit…wiggled my toes and fingers and became more aware. Then I stood up and began to step forward into the outside world again. I know I can return to this place in my mind, time and time again.

As I remember this special moment in my mind, I know I was in a very special place, a safe place. Being mindful. It was only me surrounded by all the magic there.

Gail T.

peaceful place in nature
imaginary shelter and special place

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